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Green Energy

Solar and wind power are viable solutions for remote connections requiring hydro and infrastructure where none exist. Green Energy can provide off grid electrical and wireless deployment where no or little infrastructure exists. Solar or wind powered energy can extend your electrical infrastructure, increase your wifi broadcast and expand your overall connectivity. Examples of Green Energy implementation in the Thompson Nicola include Harpers Trail Estate Winery and NRI Distribution.

Consulting & Managed Services

IT Consulting, Managed Services and Project Management support businesses, First Nations and municipalities through technical challenges, infrastructure design, security, productivity, secure backup and problem solving. We save our clients’ money by keeping their systems operational and reducing downtime due to technical glitches and more. iDome provides the leadership and expertise to manage and detect the challenges of technology. iDome’s Managed Services are a proactive approach to managing your internal technology and protect your organization from unforeseen events. We help maintain, repair and implement hardware, software and network design. From updates to virus protection, backups to rollbacks, we help our clients achieve high performance through forecasting, planning and failsafe protection. We continuously update our certifications so our clients benefit from the most current level of accreditation and knowledge. We provide IT expertise and planning for companies with or without an IT department for technical overflow, project leadership or on an on-call basis.

We are the behind the scenes specialists that make sure you have reliable, secure access to the information you need, when you need it. Our team at iDome provides the necessary human element to a very technical world. We speak in clear terms that makes sense. Our clients always know what is happening, what they need and what our recommendations mean. Our relationships with our clients provide leadership and expertise that save our clients’ money. iDome invests in your business through its technical lifespan. Our success is largely gauged by our clients' success.

We want to understand the directives of your company before we begin. As a smaller independent IT consultant we specialize our services to keep your businesses operating efficiently while saving you both time and money. We make it our business to stay on top of all things technical so you can manage the overall business workings. iDome is a technological partner who helps reduce your overhead. From specialized advising to network design, from training to big picture projecting, iDome provides objective credible leadership and expertise in IT Consulting.

iDome will help grow your business from start-up through to maturity. We can quote every project or help you budget within fixed costs of on-going support and maintenance. iDome is your team of competent IT specialists overseeing your technical needs for the life of your business.

IT Assessment

An IT Assessment provides the baseline by which information and technology is measured or compared. A baseline is important for optimal efficiency and performance. Every business should invest in an IT Assessment that reviews every computer, office machine, plug and switch, back-up system, software and so much more. We make recommendations for future upgrades and technical management so you can prepare for eventualities. If your business hasn't yet invested in a baseline examination your company is taking a number of risks including system failure and over allocation of resources. iDome will establish a baseline unique to your business and industry that will:

iDome provides as much reporting as our clients require. Every time we provide any technical support we issue a report on what has been done, what needs to be done and explain the implications behind each action. Technology in large is used to generate the information that our clients use to be competitive and to make informed decisions. We generate the technical reports so our clients can also make informed decisions about costs and infrastructure enhancements. We make recommendations to solve challenges or forecast problems before they become an issue.

Our role as a consultant is to provide support, advice and technical assistance. Our teaching approach helps businesses operate as self sufficiently as possible. We don't disguise what we do with tech-talk. We provide training in all areas of information and technology. We believe in empowering our clients through training so they can manage the daily ins and outs of their business successfully and efficiently.

We have trained Municipalities, Health Authorities, First Nations Bands, Churches, private and public industries on a number of different applications including:

Software and Hardware:
iDome provides software & hardware consulting that makes sense for businesses from both a user and cost savings perspective. Consulting is an investment in future growth and development and will benefit the client financially overall.

iDome IT Project Management & Consulting is often called upon to help detect and resolve failed hardware, software or processes. We take a logical systematic approach to detecting problems. Our expertise helps us pinpoint the root of the problem, recommend changes and make the repairs.

iDome IT Project Management & Consulting:

Desktop Support

“I can’t print.” “I have an e-mail error.” - iDome can fix your hardware and software problems reducing your worries, concerns and technical challenges. When error-messages get in the way of productivity iDome offers Desktop Support. Our team at iDome are trained and certified so your problems can be overcome in no time. Often we are able to incorporate a remote connection system enabling us the ability to fix minor issues without physically visiting your site. iDome IT Project Management & Consulting can troubleshoot all your technical problems. From computer repairs to questions about the applications you are using, iDome pays very close attention to the details so you don't have too. If programs or technology are not working to your specifications, call iDome. We have a technician available 24/7 with one phone call, text or e-mail. We are an all-in-one solution for ALL your office technology including:

Remote Monitoring

iDome's remote monitoring of networks and PC servers provide instant support and response without traveling to your physical location benefiting our client through cost savings and limited downtime. iDome is 100% security checked and we carry liability insurance.

Network Design

Network design is the intended blueprint for linking technology with the needs of the operator. Network design details the infrastructure of the technology in your office(s). Foresight in network design will help your business prepare for growth and eliminate many challenges that your business will meet in the future. An unplanned network creates inaccurate data transfer and system failure. iDome develops the protocol and engineers how information and technology will most benefit output expectations. iDome considers everything within your technical infrastructure right down to every last plug and wireless connection. We pinpoint threats in network design, source the right information and recommend proactive solutions for the entire life-cycle of your business.

Database Development

A database is a cost effective and significant business strategy tool for gathering, storing and manipulating data. That data will increase your competitiveness and lower your costs of doing business. Data mining is the process of analyzing facts, numbers and text within a database and turning that information into something that can provide useful information from sales to inventory. The data will provide the information needed for forecasting, decision making and operating competitively. The iDome team are schooled and experience in data management, data systems development, programming and implementation. We will help you identify the size and requirements of your database and make sure it is appropriate to expand through many life-cycles.

iDome IT Project Management & Consulting:

A database should:

Advantages of a database:

Hardware Sales

Computers, switches, laptops, cabling, accessories – If you need it, we'll source it, get it and install it. Our buying power guarantees better than retail pricing. iDome will source the right part and pass the savings onto our clients. Our repair and install expertise gives our clients peace of mind knowing they are getting the right mix of product and service.

Media and Presentation Installation, Software and Training – We integrate media and presentation technology into corporate work-sites. From design and product consulting to install and training, iDome helps our clients present their ideas professionally.

Information Security

Software as a Service: Instead of an in-house server, Office 365 hosted on Cloud, takes all the on-site hardware management out of your office. For a nominal monthly fee, Office 365 is secure and minimizes server management. Ask us today how to get you started.

Virus removal and protection: Virus infiltration continues to change on a daily basis destroying files and hardware. As such it is difficult to eliminate virus penetration 100%. iDome is knowledgeable about viruses and how to protect against them. We help combat computer and software assaults by developing a risk analysis to determine the most likely conditions for them to occur. Not all virus software is alike. We research, recommend, install and update the software that will arm your business with the best fail-safes for your needs. We build firewalls, monitor your systems and applications, in-house or remotely, for early detection and remove and repair any damage.

Security Camera Installation: iDome will help to protect your business and assets from internal or external threat, fraud and damage. Digital Recording Devices provide surveillance that will help deter unwarranted abuse of your property. Combating security threats begins with iDome. We will determine the most likely vantage points and provide reliable monitoring from installation to technical support. iDome's blanket of technical consulting and support provides businesses with the guidance and assurance from every power source. From video analysis to security cameras to hardware and software recommendations and installations, we ensure all technology is integrated and your entire network runs reliably generating fail-safe information time after time.

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